So, what is Clear Imagery?

First, a little about myself.  I've done many things, and I desire to do many more.  With experience in web development and a desire to tinker, my interests have led me many places.  A couple of key points:
  • phpBB Development, including the Affero phpBB MOD
  • Anime Fansubbing (QC, Web Development)
  • Bemanistyle (Web Development)
  • Freenode (Staff, Coding)
  • FreeBSD Ports Maintainer (JDE, Java Development for Emacs)... for a while, till I went to vim.
  • Development of a NetStumbler Parser/Scorer for wardriving competitions.
  • Creating a computerized soda vending machine.
  • Photography, music, drawing and programming (because code is an art form)
  • A couple more sites/projects.
Yikes.  That's a lot.  Well, a lot of this couldn't have been done without other people--many of these things, I only had a very small role.  Still, they were fun projects, and I couldn't have done them without my friends.

Professionally, things are a little different:
  • Two years customer service, developing strong communication skills.
  • Three years IT work, increasing both technical knowledge and assisting internal and external customers.
  • Two summers Engineering/Consulting, providing both software development assistance and security consulting.
See a trend going on?  There's lots of dealing with people... and that's coming from a pretty shy guy.  I enjoy the technical aspects of my work--I'm a pretty geeky guy--but dealing with people can be just as rewarding.

The idea for Clear Imagery came from my experience in an art course.  I appreciate aesthetics.  I enjoy elegant solutions to problems.  So, what is Clear Imagery?  It is an ideal, a process, a fusion of engineering and art.  Most importantly, it's who I am.

Doug Kelly